HAMMERSON (Shopping Malls Owners)

  • Nathalie Turton
  • Madeleine Morris
  • Dominique Gomes
  • Natalie Monroe
  • Lorelei Mathias

“Shopping used to be a great moment in my life and 
now it’s become a bit of a relationship with my post room.” 'We Heart In Real Life' - Brand Campaign for Hammerson. In an increasingly digital world we’re missing out on the things that makes us happiest. Real experiences. Shopping online and filling our virtual baskets doesn’t fill us with excitement like it does In Real Life. So we wanted to remind people about the power of #IRL - In Real Life. Because only In Real Life you can Stroke, Smell, Sip, Share and Savour. And very importantly, try before you buy! With a cast of real characters we set out to create a campaign to get everyone to stroll, not scroll, with a 60sec film, 30sec TVC and 20 10sec and 6sec social films. We took the campaign offline into the real world with a wardrobe of assets in OOH and in-center. 'Walk in, Strut out. We heart… In Real Life.