Harrods Podcast | True Tales of Luxury

  • Camilla Mathis
  • Sunshine Company
  • Caroline Asmussen

It's increasingly difficult to get people’s attention today, but in the world of podcasts the number of UK weekly listeners have almost doubled and hit a staggering 5.9 millions in 2018. Sunshine therefore helped Harrods launch the World's first cross category luxury podcast presented by Mariella Frostrup to explore what luxury is today. How does an object become valuable? What stories can some objects tell? What is the relationship between people and the things they own? Is modern luxury craftsmanship? Is it scale? Beauty? Memories or moments? A collaboration? Knowledge? Activism or emotion? Listen with Mariella as she asks designers, artists, craftsmen and more to share their own personal true tales of luxury. Listen here: http://bit.ly/truetalesofluxury