Hope And Her Two Daughters

  • Tobore Dafiaga
  • Finbar Somers
  • Kelly Mbarga
  • Lysa-Marie Asiedu-Yeboa
  • Sean Mackey
  • Matthias Djan
  • Yasmeen Hanif
  • Darius (mehdi) Iromlou
  • Chloe Potamiti
  • Christel Kwapong

Hope And Her Two Daughters is an experimental exhibition that features a contemporary dance and poetry short film exploring the question “What next?” following the racial unrest of 2020. It has been carried out in collaboration with the Hackney Historic Buildings Trust (HHBT) as part of their Digital Access residency, through which Director & Writer, Tobore S Dafiaga was chosen as one of the Artists to create a project which uses the local history, heritage and architecture of the Grade II listed buildings owned by the HHBT. Writer and Director: Tobore S. Dafiaga Producer: Chloe Potamiti Executive Producer: Solomon Dafiaga DOP: Seán Mackey Editor: Anthony Pollard Assistant Producer: Yasmeen Hanif Score and Sound Design by: XANA Dancers: Lysa-Marie Asiedu-Yeboa Kelly Mbarga Selorm Adonu Mateus Daniel Choir: Lysa-Marie Asiedu-Yeboa Kelly Mbarga Vanessa Nakitende Actress: Jacqueline Muhammad Flag worshipper: Joy Miracle Kauya Drummer: Geovanna Lewin-Rowe Trumpet Player: Tarel Dixon Assistant Camera: Darius Iromlou Finbar Somers Gaffer: Matthias Djan On location/ on set Sound recording: Daniel Leigh Stylist: Christel Kwapong MUA: Yasmeen Hanif Art Department: Yasmeen Hanif Chloe Potamiti Tobore Dafiaga Colour Grader: Seán Mackey Sound Engineering: Aral Barsakcioglu BTS Photographer: Chloe Potamiti Promotion Photographer: Ephie Oyedoh Black and White stills: Finbar Somers Runner: Joy Okoro Thomson Illustration, Logo & Design: Smera Kumar