Hostmaker Persona’s - Let’s meet our people

As Hostmaker strived to be a more human-centred company, we find it necessary to develop our personas, to make sure we understand our users’ needs, expectations, behaviours and goals deeply, beyond our assumptions.

The challenge
The challenge was to create personas that help design and product teams to create more user-centric products, services & experiences, but also to help other teams identifying its user's and behaviours.
The Research
To learn all about our main customers and users, we started analysing all our analytics team reports. We continued conducting internal interviews to different Hostmaker teams and finalise realising external interviews to our hosts.
All Hostmaker teams - as sensors for consumer insights- were essential in the creation of the personas.
The result
We decided to create engaged personas that combined goal and role-directed profiles with a more traditional approach - being reliable and realistic archetypes of our different customer segments.

Its design has been essential for creating more user-centric products & experiences, but also for the rest of the employees. We keep them alive, updating them as more research with users is conducted.