How to sponsor a Bloody Good Period at Christmas, flo ho ho!

  • Tom Cornfoot
  • Natalie Claire Baker
  • Lily Howes
  • Gabby Jahanshahi-Edlin
Bloody Good Period was started by Gabby Edlin who decided something needed to be done about the fact that very few food banks and asylum seeker drop-in centres were providing feminine hygiene products on a regular basis - despite a desperate need.
Sadly, the reality is that they are a luxury. Many refugees and asylum seekers in the UK cannot afford them. Many people living in poverty resort to using toliet paper, old scraps of fabric or nothing at all.
What started as a whip-round on Facebook is now a growing enterprise with a vision to end period poverty.
This Festive Period, we're giving you the chance to play Santa! It's a time where giving a little extra will really make all the difference to refugees, asylum seekers and all people affected by period poverty...
The little elves here at BGP love receiving your donations via Amazon, but to make sure we can fit all the lovely period products on Santa's sleigh, we've got some super easy new ways for you to donate during this festive period. All you need to do is to buy a stocking from the options below and we'll fill it up with menstrual supplies and get it to someone who really needs it.

Donate below...
Give a light stocking!

Give a medium stocking!

Give a heavy stocking!
Card available via Bloody Good Period's online shop!