Huawei Mobile - Mate30 Product Launch

  • Jamie Rankin
  • cheryl li
  • Tom Phipps
  • Craig Brooks

Rhapsody worked with the Chinese telecommunications company on a recent product launch. It was a countdown teaser for its latest phone model, produced in partnership with Grayling PR. The key challenge to this campaign was to come up with visuals that illustrate the phone’s three key selling points (KSPs) without showing the device itself, making it a difficult brief from the outset. Rhapsody came up with the idea of using orbs to visualise the phone’s KSPs, which echoed the circular detail on the handset without revealing its full design. To demonstrate the phone’s super fast 5G, we filmed the orbs moving quickly around a space. To emphasise the device’s exceptional low light camera, light-up orbs were filmed in a darkened room. Finally, Rhapsody illustrated the device’s slow motion camera by capturing dew drops exploding at decreased speed, echoing the central orb shape in the other two clips. Rhapsody’s bespoke animations had a clear, cohesive theme which helped build audience excitement in the lead-up to the launch. The animations were also used in the brand’s social posts, which were shared on Huawei’s global channels and reached 1.8m followers on Instagram, as well as attracting over 100,000 views for each of the three posts when shared on Instagram Stories.