Huawei Spark a Renaissance

Most recently for Huawei we were tasked with uncovering Western Europe's best photographers through the use of the P20 Pro’s unique AI recognition software. We approached influential KOLs (Key Opinion Leaders) in the realms of photography, art and fashion who would be be asked to submit their photos to be rated by the Huawei P20 Pro’s AI in order to win a series of prizes. This will be the first time that AI has ever been used to rate photography. We had originally set a KPI of 100k entries into the competition with the influencers I selected, but it has proved so successful that we surpassed that benchmark in the first week!
The campaign is  live ( and I was involved in finding 50 influencers across Europe that represent the creativity and entrepreneurship that we wanted the P20 Pro to reflect. I also helped construct the competition we want the KOLs to amplify wherein there are 5 themes which demonstrate the products capabilities and will help to fuel content and keep audiences engaged.


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