Hugo by Hugo Boss

  • Simon Helm
  • Charlotte Wilson
  • Veronika Safrankova
  • Sophie Elizabeth Fletcher
The Brief
Get 20-30 year old men and women who currently wear fragrance occasionally to Make fragrances a more regular part of their morning routine by showing them how HUGO can give them a fresh boost of confidence every day.

You put a fragrance on when you want something to go well. It’s a moment that sets the tone for the day ahead and an action that signifies you’re ready to go forth into the world. Which is exactly how our audience find themselves. They are living in a time of unprecedented opportunity, working hard every day to achieve their dreams. And some will take fresh chances to change their lives forever.
Fragrance role: HUGO gives me a fresh boost of confidence every day

The Solution
Most people get up in the morning and pull on their shirt and have some pretty good days and a lot of satisfactory days and don’t change, and that’s fine That’s happened every day forever. But some people are waking up and doing it fresh. They are having the biggest days of their lives. Waking up and do things on one day that are going to change their lives forever. How they feel in that moment, is incredible. And that’s what we are going to capture. Because if you’ve ever needed to feel fresh. If you’ve ever needed to be at your best, It’s on that day. The day you do it different.
A different kind of fragrance campaign. Most fragrance campaigns feature one unattainably aspirational model / celebrity. Our new HUGO campaign will break the mould by following the real life journey of many relatable young people across TV, KV, and highly targeted digital and social media, as HUGO gives them the confidence to do something that will change their life. We wanted to create Multiple heroes to follow online, Fresh content every day and a documentary film to kick the campaign off.
The final work was launched with Zac Efron as the face in year 1. He then started the recruitment process for year two so we could focus on the individuals more online.

The Credits
CD x Cathy Hutton. Copy Writer / Creative x Rupert Murphy. Additional art Direction x Camille Caie. Additional Creative Direction x Alan Aboud. Photographer x Rankin. Director x Anthony Mandler.
My Role x Senior Art Director / Creative / Designer
Key Skills x Creative Concept and Development / Art Direction / Design

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