• Gabby Leon
  • Anna Clare

innocent created its first ever dairy free products in 2018, which, although delicious on their own, are best used in things. The only problem was that innocent’s drinkers weren’t used to using innocent drinks as ingredients. This was a problem both for consumers and retailers which I was asked to look into. Working closely with the food technologists who created the dairy free products and a copywriter in the team we created little book to help people out. After exhaustive (and mostly delicious) testing we settled on a collection of 9 delicious recipes in 3 categories to create the perfect introduction to how to use dairy free. As innocent aspires to be as sustainable as possible, it was really important to this project that we produced something people would hold on to, and in the case that they didn’t, that it could be recycled, or break down in the normal waste system. Because of this we chose to use papers created from food byproducts. Each section page was created from paper made from nuts, which are also in the products, making sure the books were all taste, no waste.