#LondonNeedsYouAlive (@londonneedsyoualive) movement launched at 9am on the 15th November 2018. For Instagram photos and videos click here.
Photographer: Tom Sloan
Agent: LaLaLand Artist
Collaborator: Photofusion
Young Photographer: Kourosh Simpkins
Young Photographer: Aliyah Otchere
Directors: Novemba
Agency: AMV BBDO
Art Producer: Jaki Jo Hannan & Alicia Hart
TV Producer: Darapen Vongsa-Nga
Press Release:
A generation is in critical need of help. Knife crime remains one of the single biggest challenges facing young Londoners today, with 21 teenagers losing their lives this year alone. The statistics make for grim reading. An inspirational new anti knife crime campaign for The Mayor of London by AMV BBDO, rises above the scare and shock tactics of old and employs a new, positive strategy to empower and champion this notoriously hard-to-reach audience.
Aimed at 12-16 year old Londoners, and as told from the kids to the kids, the campaign message is clear; LONDON NEEDS YOU ALIVE. DON’T CARRY A KNIFE. The #LNYA movement designed as a rally cry for kids and Londoners to get behind.
The agency spoke to young people during the campaigns development. Many were coping with issues greater than their young years, are role models to younger siblings and have a resilience that is truly inspiring. What was shocking to the agency was the little content out in the world that puts real value on these kids’ lives. They’re routinely portrayed as hoodies, thugs or wannabe gangsters and not the bright, funny, inspiring characters we met making the campaign.
The LNYA film is shot by directing duo, Novemba through Academy Films and stars real kids from schools across London’s worst knife crime Boroughs delivering their powerful messages to camera; telling their valuable contribution to the world around them and who needs them alive. Longer-length interviews capture some of the casts’ stories and the positive roles they play within their families and peer groups.
The print for the campaign employed a unique production process with AMV BBDO choosing professional photographer Tom Sloan to collaborate with two young photographers from the boroughs effected by Knife Crime, sourced for the shoot by Photofusion, a Brixton based charity working with young Londoners. The fledgling photographers were mentored throughout the project and given access to professional post production to help create the campaign. The aim is for the work to also be exhibited within Photo Fusion’s HQ and in City Hall.
Mainstream media has been replaced with channels aimed at young Londoners, with the films, interviews and images going out across Instagram and on street furniture sites across London. Stars from the Grime music scene are championing the LNYA message across social channels and a launch event on Nov 15th brings together influencers, stars of the campaign and The Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan to push for real, meaningful change to the deadly statistics.
Sadiq Khan, Mayor of London:
“London is the best city in the world, full of opportunity, and one of the safest. But too many of our young people are being senselessly lost to knife crime, and it has to stop.”
Chidera aka The Slumflower:
“I am getting involved in the LYNA campaign as the world is in a very fragile place right now and young people need each other more than ever. Social media is the biggest tool human beings have ever created so we must use it to continue repeating the same message to young people: your life matters and every single choice you make has a rippling effect.”
“The LYNA campaign really resonated with me and I now want the opportunity to communicate to the youths of London that it is possible to make changes to create a better life if you just stick at it, whatever their skills are.”
"I've known young people who have been stabbed and unfortunately, someone who was killed due to knife crime so this topic is close to my heart. Campaigns such as LNYA give visibility to something that can break families and tear apart societies. By championing such an important initiative, I truly believe for the first time in a long time a leader such as Sadiq Khan can begin to drive both awareness and build solutions."


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