Makers House Burberry

  • Alena Kroshechkina
  • Charlotte Flavahan
  • Abigail Frusher
Launching their latest Show, in September 2016 Burberry opened Makers House space, presenting a huge range of British crafts and displaying the full AW 2016 runaway collection.  Being inspired by the brand, I was drawing the new season's clothes during a week, developing my life-drawing skill and fashion illustration's style. As the models, mostly I used characters from a world-famous videogame World of Final Fantasy by Square Enix, especially from a separate Final Fantasy 6 game. So, mixing fashion and videogames I wanted to create something fresh and unusual for fashion illustration's genre. The reasons, why this decision was made, are my personal big passions about new technologies and clothes design and my wish to experiment and draw something, what I have never done before. ​​​​​​​
Six months later Burberry reopened the Makers House in February 2017. Using this opportunity again, I decided to repeat my life-drawing experience of fashion illustration. Changing my drawing style, during the latest exhibition I focused on details, feelings and quality, rather than speed, drawing materials and experiments.