Meet the D&AD New Blood Shift London class of 2019

  • Nanda Kovic
  • Seun Areoye
  • Russie Miessi
  • Oliver Bielby
  • Zoltan Adorjan
  • Amy Pearce
  • Ildiko Kmeth
  • Zak Comyns
  • Vince Stickings
  • Victoria Ellen
  • Jamie Everall
  • Hope-Precious Engele

We're thrilled to present the D&AD New Blood Shift class of 2019. D&AD New Blood Shift is an intensive night school programme that places an emphasis on raw, untrained talent. Shift compels its students to make the best creative work of their life and challenges the industry to search further for creative talent. This year, 19 Shifters – all with creative talent but no formal arts education or degree – have been through the intensive four-month night school and learning programme. They've learned from the best, honed their thinking and applied their craft. Now they're ready to prove that there's more than one way to break into the industry. Applications for the next Shift night school in London will open in Summer 2020. Applications for the New York intake are open now — Deadline is 6 March. For more information or if you would like to support Shift as a speaker, host, mentor or offer a placement in 2019/20, please contact

Meet (and hire!) the class of 2019:

Amy Pearce, Creative.

Andrea Zlotnick, Creative.

Chadwick Jackson, Creative.

Ella Pichon-Flannery, Creative.

Ella Willis-Alvarez, Art Director.

Fernanda Stipkovic, Creative.

Hope-Precious Engele, Creative.

Jamie Everall, Designer.

Laurel Spiers, Strategist.

Louis Faucher, Creative.

Mischa Lustin, Strategist.

Oliver Bielby-Smith, Designer.

Owen Rowbotham, Creative.

Parry Stewart, Creative.

Russie Miessi, Strategist.

Seun Areoye, Copywriter.

Victoria Smith, Creative/Photographer.

Vince Stickings, Creative.

Zak Comyns, Creative/Illustrator.

Zoltan Adorjan, Creative.