Metro : Exodus

  • Malcolm Riley
  • Christian Mitchinson
  • Tom Stacey

Key art series created for Metro Exodus, the latest in the series from developer 4A Games that sees the action take place above ground for the very first time. The game takes place over the course of a single year and these key arts were created and released periodically in the run up to launch. The game begins in winter before moving through each season in turn, the one constant is the hero, Artyom, and his struggle to survive. The concept was established by the agency and I was tasked with creating the final high resolution images. The amount of retouching and compositing increased exponentially as each artwork needed to inhabit the same world as the one before it but bring new and unseen elements to keep interest high. For each artwork I combined 3D assets with real world photography before adding detailed environmental effects to create the final scene. 3D Asset Creation : Kettle Studio, Gamoola Character Photography : Simon Derviller