#MyFirst - Ford Campaign Proposal

  • Dominika Chmara
  • Celine Franklin
  • Hannah Tunley
  • Keanu Adorable

The NY-LON Exchange Programme is a collaboration between University of the Arts London, Shawn Carter Foundation and Brand Design Agency Vault49. As part of NY-LON, Our team was commissioned to work on a live Ford brief alongside Vault49, in New York. The final outcome of the campaign was presented to the client and a panel from The Shawn Carter Foundation at Roc Nation.

The Process

Insights into what the best approach to reach millennials would be was conducted via online surveys and activated in-person research. The research team collected insights on the values and personal experiences of millennials.​
Stage 1​

The first stage of the #MyFirst campaign activation took on the form of a social media campaign which encouraged young creatives to share stories about their first experiences using the #MyFirst hashtag chosen for this campaign. The "firsts" could be car related but did not have to be.​

We wanted the participants to be as creative with their responses as possible – responses in forms of tweets, visual content, video were encouraged. The incentive? – A chance to win an opportunity to showcase all forms of creative work at our upcoming events in London and New York.​

The hashtag "#MyFirst" represents and incorporates the Ford ethos, a campaign that is relatable and sparks conversation... ...everyone has a first.
As part of the initial stage of the brand activation, paid promotional posts were scheduled to be advertised on Ford's Instagram and Twitter. The promoted posts would encourage users to visit Ford's campaign microsite and share their firsts on social media using the #MyFirst hashtag - spreading the word further.
Stage 2​

The second stage of the brand activation - chosen responses were published in print as well as digital forms on the microsite.

The aim of this was to raise millennials' awareness of the Ford brand by sharing relatable and real stories of other millennials.

With the posters being interactive - the general public would be given the option to vote for their favourite submission via the mobile microsite by scanning / screenshotting their favourite submission.
Stage 3​

The third stage of the brand activation consisted of two events held in London and New York.

The two cities were selected for the launch of the campaign - with the hopes of bringing the #MyFirst competition and events to other cities upon popular requests in the future.

Our research showcasing these two cities were home to a large population of millennial creatives.
The Event Would Consist of 3 Rooms:​

ROOM #1 - a space which would be filled with the artwork and creative response of the public chosen winners who entered the #MyFirst Competition.​

ROOM #2 - a room within which all attendants could interact with the space by adding their own "first" stories - with no restrictions on how they want to use the space / where they would like to write. This would double as an amazing photo opportunity which could be shared on social media - extending the campaign to various platforms once again. By the end of the event - the space would be filled with multidimensional stories of firsts!​

ROOM #3 - The third room would provide attendees with getting free customised merch with their own "firsts" printed on tote bags, mugs and phone screens. Guests would be invited into the Tote-Mobile where professionals would assist them with creating the prints - ensuring the entire experience is as personalised as possible.​

During the second week of the campaign planning - our team worked from the Vault 49 office in Chelsea, New York.

Our graphic design and textile specialists developed the design and test #MyFirst tote bags to be demonstrated during the proposal presentation at the RocNation office.
Tote bags printed by the team at Vault 49 - these original screen-print test products were presented along with the pitch slides at Roc Nation HQ to provide examples of personalised merch planned for the events.
Each event attendee would be sent home with a personalised gift such as the mugs and totes pictured above, carefully packaged in Ford packaging which showcases the classic "F' - once again tapping into the heritage of the experience and brand - in hopes of making the brand memorable in the attendees minds.​