Nando's the Great Imitator

  • Zuki Sedgley
  • Harvey Lorimer
  • Jamie Nicoll
  • Dan Viveiros

Launching the first plant-based option that tastes just like PERi-PERi chicken. The Great Imitator is Nando’s first plant-based offering, and it tastes just like PERi-PERi chicken. To launch the product, we teamed up with Nando’s to create a campaign which combines the brand’s playful, confident personality with its superpower - food. The campaign is a tongue-in-cheek celebration of the effort it took to craft a Nando’s-worthy meat alternative. At the core of the creative is a well-known cue of success and a key part of Nando’s brand, flags, and a product name-inspired visual trick. We planted flags on burgers, pittas and wraps, shooting each against an epic explorer landscape. Then, just as viewers question what they're looking at, a reveal. The Great Imitator is only imitating a snowy peak, the surface of Mars or a desert island, in reality it’s being held in the hands of a satisfied customer. The trickster campaign is accompanied by a shocking headline, ‘The no chicken Nando’s has landed’, set in the brand’s iconic typeface. The Great Imitator launch campaign can now be seen across social channels in the UK.