Obonjan – Brand Identity

  • Jonny Rowe
  • Joe Russell
  • Simon Eltringham
Obonjan is an island just off the coast of Croatia, surrounded by crystal blue waters, and under star-filled skies. Open for six weeks during the summer, it’s a place to relax, party, swim and meditate in equal measure. It’s the perfect summer holiday, with a festival twist.
In being tasked with creating a visual identity, we took our cues from the island itself; a place rich in colour and texture, with sublime views. We put photography front and centre, combined with a natural colour palette and clean, modern typography. We created a coastline graphic and set of icons to reinforce Obonjan as an island destination.
The job covered brand toolkit, website design, social strategy and templates, marketing, outlet branding, restaurant collateral, island signage and wayfinding.