Pigeon Air Patrol

  • Elizaveta Shapkina
  • Matt Paxton
  • charliton holz souto
  • Alan Chu
  • David Lamb
  • Fern Miller
  • Ellie Firth
Who’s fighting air pollution? Pigeons. Wearing tiny backpacks with pollution sensors.

Tweet your area of London to @PigeonAir and they'll tell you how toxic it is!

The nice HR team at Plume Labs takes very good care of us. Our backpacks are as light as a feather, and a vet’s on hand to double check we’re safe and sound. So don’t worry, we love flying, we’re pigeons after all.

Don’t get in a flap, download our free ‘Plume Air Report’ app to find out what you’re breathing and how to protect yourself.

We’re looking for 100 people to beta test our new pollution sensor, in partnership with Imperial College London.

If you’re a cyclist, runner, or pram pusher, who’d like to know what you’re breathing and how to beat pollution, join our programme testing a wearable version of our air pollution device.