Pinterest Presents thy.self

  • Shahira Allen
  • Yvonne Quinn
  • Andrea Lobato
  • sophie greggory
  • Eve luan
  • daniela dimitrijoska
  • Aurelie CR
  • Reena Rai
  • Georgia Willows
  • Romany Francesca

Pinterest collaborated with wellness community thy.self, to re-discover and establish a voice and presence for WOC Beauty Content Creators within the UK on the tech platform. Together, Pinterest and thy.self are bringing the UK's community of female content creators of colour together and giving them the opportunity to tell their own story of what diversity, beauty and representation means/ looks like to them and how they can maximise and own the credits to their careers, content, ideas, visions etc using Pinterest and solidifying the platform as a supporter of women of colour. 'Beauty for them. Beauty by them' is the concept and theme. By creating the ultimate beauty space within thy.self’s vision, we aim uplift attendees confidence in creating new content, network with other influencers and creators who they have never met before (even in London) and learn/ swap Pinterest techniques to build their brand and presence in 2020. Photography: Romany Francesca Sponsored by: Pinterest UK, Makeup Revolution and Urban Decay