Potluck Zine Issue 1: Cooking During Covid

  • Rhia Cook
  • Niamh McBride
  • Léonie Flower
  • Ellie Bassford
  • Issy Mac
  • david wheeler
  • Mary Carter
  • Beckie Burkill
  • Mia McTigue-Rodriguez
  • Ellie Craig
  • Laura Collins
  • AJ Morris
  • Alexandria Animba

Potluck is a print and online zine born from a love of food. It shares your stories of cooking, eating and sharing food and all the pleasures and practicalities that come along with it. It’s about togetherness, community and eating delicious things. Our first issue is an 84 page mammoth of a zine, with the theme of "Cooking During Covid" uniting the work. We explore how our routines and experiences with cooking, eating and sharing food were completely turned on their head by the 2020 Coronavirus Pandemic through interesting articles, thought-provoking personal writing, delicious recipes and beautiful illustrations and photography. Instead of selling the first issue, we are using it as a thank you gift to raise money for The Trussell Trust, the charity who run the majority of the UK's food banks. If you can, please consider donating at: gf.me/u/yh8vyw

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Cover photography by Elisa Frediani
Our GoFundMe is still live if you'd like to get your hands on a copy of the first issue! Go to gf.me/u/yh8wgf to donate £10 and get a digital copy sent to you!
Writing by Issy Macdonald
Illustrations by Rhia Cook
Writing by Huw Collinson
Illustrations by Rhia Cook
Photograph and article by Alexandria Animba
Writing by Mia McTigue-Rodriguez
Illustrations and photography by Rhia Cook
Writing by Alice Langley
Illustrations by Rhia Cook
Writing by Mary Hardisty
Illustrations by Beckie Burkill
Illustration by Lauren Morsley
Writing by Rachel Pyke
Illustrations by Rhia Cook
Writing and Photography by Jo Fuller
Illustration by Léonie Flower
Writing and Illustration by David Wheeler
Writing by Laura Collins
Background pattern illustrations by Léonie Flower
Writing and photograph by AJ Morris
Illustration by Ellie Bassford
Writing by Ellie Craig
Photograph by Elisa Frediani