Rave Litany

  • Alex Elder
  • Yasmine Heinel
  • Brian McCarthy

A SERMON DELIVERED IN HARDCORE Rave Litany is a new event series in Tottenham showcasing forward-thinking artists dabbling with ‘rave revivalist’ sounds. DJs are tasked with selecting tracks which address the question: “What does rave music sound like now / what will it sound like 50 years from today?”

The aim of the series is to try and bring the 90s-era euphoria and inhibition back to London’s waning clubbing scene. Nodding near the back of the dancefloor and staring at your phone isn’t banned (as such) but advised against.
We spent a lot of time getting our somewhat ironic visual style and comical slogans in place. The complete inhibition exhibited by ravers at RL events we’ve partially attributed to our far-from-serious promo. Much like the brand’s goofy comms style and disregard of taste, people on the dancefloor didn't give a shit what others thought as they waved their hands in the air and yelled for more.
Our first event in April 2019 featured head-spinning sets from Gage, Wallwork, Tales of the Underground, JD JD and the unholy trinity of Sherelle & Yazzus playing back-to-back with rapper M.I.C spraying until the lights came on at 5am. We still pinch ourselves when we think back to the crowd reaction at our debut event; the whooping, the reloads and the cage rattling you can see on our Insta page speaks for itself.
For our second event, we moved away from the heavenly imagery depicted on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel to the darker underside of religion; cults, sacrifice & pentagrams. As well as our visual subject matter, our primary colour changed from neon yellow to blood red.
RL ii featured another stacked lineup including Air Max '97, India Jordan, Lockhart, LMajor + residents Yazzus and wgwn.
We were chuffed to have maintained the excitement and momentum of our first event. Highlights include getting the prestigous 'RA Picks' badge on our event listing and having Air Max enjoy himself so thoroughly he bruised his hand slapping the DJ cage in approval.
Whilst the events have taken a momentary hiatus, Rave Litany never sleeps and stil regularly pumps out guestmixes on SoundCloud. We also hold a monthly residency on Threads Radio which got a mention in Crack Magazine's '10 Mixes You Need To Hear This Month' roundup.