Remastered Arsenal 20/21 kit for The Black Curriculum

  • Martyn Ewoma
  • Ayesha Brown
  • Nathan Lee
  • Morfo Peyiazis
  • Georgy Rogers

Really pleased with my most recent project, a 1 of 1 remastered Arsenal jersey with the names and faces of influential Black figures in education. I was approached by London based women's football team Sirens F.C. who asked me to donate a signed print to raise money for Kick it Out and The Black Curriculum. They also gave me the opportunity to produce this kit thanks to support from adidas. I wanted to showcase a mix of academic figures and pop culture icons to showcase the wide tapestry of people who have committed themselves to anti-racist work and show the unity of people from different backgrounds. Ayesha Brown was instrumental in making the shirt using her printing and design expertise. I also enlisted Liza Bilal, who featured on this years Vogue 25 list, to model. She was a key organiser in the Bristol protest that saw Edward Coulston's statue removed. I organised the shoot in Peckham and enlisted make-up artist Roisin Hazel and stylist Nathan Lee to do a photoshoot in an effort to raise exposure and drive bids for the jersey. I secured press coverage from a range of titles including GUAP , VERSUS, NATAAL Media, Africa 2.0 and the cover photo was also featured on The Best Of section of Vogue Italia's photography section