Rooted Exhibition

  • Naki Narh
  • Kemi Oloyede
  • Kofi Ntiforo
  • Amie Snow
  • Dillon Everest
  • Gabrielle Oke
  • Michael Akuagwu
  • Paula 'narcography' Abu

Throwback to the recent online exhibition I was honoured and excited to participate in with @ogilvyuk + @mediacomuk, #rootedexhibition. Celebrating the beauty and richness of Black culture for BHM. . "Ansa's Story captures the portrait of a woman who reflects power, history and life. Her skin, similar to revolutionary's found on a banknote highlight her wealth and ability to lead nations. Her vibrancy and complexities are simultaneously celebrated in her aura. Ansa is an ancestor as well as a leader. Ansa is a black woman."

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