RSVP here Melissa presents FOREVER NOW curated by Nellie Eden [24-27 May]

  • Carolina de Barba
  • Carlyn McNabb
  • Gina Stewart
  • Trude Grimstad


Melissa is relaunching their iconic MELISSA POSSESSION - the original jelly shoe of the 90s - in a new and exciting colour palette.
To celebrate the Possessions' ICONIC return, Melissa presents FOREVER NOW at Melissa Galeria London, Covent Garden, during the 24-27th of May
FOREVER NOW is an exhibition curated by Nellie Eden, of Dazed Beauty, inspired by the nostalgia and spirit of the Melissa Possesssion.
With a custom installation and exhibition inside the Melissa Galeria, guests are invited to explore the curated space as well as purchase their own pair of new or classic style Possessions.
As part of the Melissa commitment to sustainability, the Melissa Possession is a vegan product [verified with Vegan Trademark].


FOREVER NOW is an exhibition curated by Nellie Eden.
Inspired by Melissa's coming of age and the Melisssa Possession, new custom pieces and creations have been commissioned from three artists - collaborating together to immortalize their own.
Preserving their youth through creativity, nostalgia, future imaginings, sounds and visuals - these creatives are representative of an incredibly diverse, collaborative and optimistic legion of artists across Europe.
Artist details to be announced closer to date.

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Event is open to public, not ticketed at the door.

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"We never forget the crushes, clubs, scenes, and trends -
The heartbreaks, the sounds and looks -
The meet-ups, hook-ups and people from our formative years
They live on with us. They infuse everything we create.
We’re forever inspired - using past experiences to create new ones."


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