MOT Yourself is an idea we pitched to ŠKODA in 2017. A partnership with cancer activist Errol McKellar.
If detected early, prostate cancer has a 98% cure rate. But it’s killing over 11,000 UK men every single year.

The problem? Men don't know that they have it.

Men don’t visit the doctor as often as they should and prostate cancer shows no symptoms until it’s too late.

Due to its aggressive nature, this can be within a year. To truly take-down prostate cancer, ŠKODA and Errol had to ensure annual prostate checks.

The idea was to partner ŠKODA's army of mechanics at over 120-Nationwide garages with Errol as our ambassador. The mechanics encourage men to get a prostate check and offer them money off of their servicing if they do.

We even found ways for those checks to be carried out on the spot, at the garage. All the customer had to do was pee in test-tube in a private booth. Effortless.

We got Errol all the way to speaking at ŠKODA's annual conference to launch the idea before sadly, he had to step out for personal reasons. A huge shame. But a great journey.
ŠKODA wanted an idea to prove their long-standing support of cycling.

The conversation soon turned to the fact that even in 2017, the official Tour De France could only be ridden by men. Women have been fighting to ride the Tour since 1955. ŠKODA was encouraged to rally behind the cause, giving the same support they usually give to the official Tour De France, to 13 women who cycled all 21 stages, starting exactly 24-hours prior. A defiant demand for equality.

I was part of the original creative team behind this concept but left Fallon before it came to life. Credit goes to the brilliant Charlotte Prince and Loriley Sessions for executing the idea.

Creative Direction: Ricardo Motti, Ronaldo Tavares


Silver - Entertainment - Cannes Lions 2019.
Silver - Glass -  Cannes Lions 2019.
Shortlist - Sustainable Development Goals - Cannes Lions 2019
Gold - The Andy's Awards - 2019
Shortlist - D&AD - 2019
Shortlist - Campaign Big - 2019
Merit - The One Show - 2019
Working on the ŠKODA account led me to discover this guy.
His story was fascinating. I reached out to him and we began talking.
The film below is a result of those conversations.
Honest to the 'sleeper' nature of his car, he wanted to remain anonymous, both visually and audibly.
Rather than let this be a problem, I made it the entire idea.
I scrutinised over the edit, ensuring that no footage was on screen for more than 2.9 seconds.
This is the time in which his car accelerates from 0-60 mph.

Re-thinking Test Drives

We knew that people would fall in love with ŠKODAs if they spent enough time in them.

But the average test drive lasts about 15-minutes. You're then asked if you want to buy the car, which probably costs £15k or more. That's £1,000 a minute...

Real Life Test Drive encourages customers to use their ŠKODA like they would once they owned it.

This helped to launch the brands new strategy Driven By Something Different.

Creative collaboration: Laura Clark
Real Life Test Drive showed that you don't necessarily need a showroom to sell cars.

Next, we launched Live Tour. Live Tour allows a prospective customer to talk online, one-on-one with a ŠKODA professional. They can have a complete tour of the car, inside and out and have all of their questions answered with absolutely no pressure to buy. Live Tour had achieved a sale within a few hours of launching.


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