Smirnoff | Social BVI

Bold, refreshing, and authentic; all the ingredients for a fun, connected, and engaging social platform. Working with Joyride to reposition Smirnoff’s Social Visual Identity as well as the look and feel of their signature serve ’Smirnoff Soda Fruit Smash’. With implementation across their multiple channels and content; whilst taking into account their updated global brand tone of voice. Serves would be photographed with the consumer in mind; allowing them to feel that they are part of the experience. An imperfect slice of blood orange here and a hand picking up a serve there, all in relatable settings - serves that are beautiful, aspirational yet attainable; refreshing and social. A redefined modern classic. By developing Smirnoff’s Social Visual Identity, guidelines were set in place – simple yet distinctive; allowing for a strong visual language that can be applied across their photography, video, and documentary platforms. This has resulted in a visual identity that is distinctly Smirnoff – fun, bold, and engaging.