#StayAtLeast2MetresApart - UN Social Distancing Campaign

  • Oli Cole
  • Jim Townsend
  • Frederick .H. Kensington
  • Majd HAREB
  • Gemma Lawrence

A tactical, ambient and social media campaign prompting the public to follow the official social distancing guidelines in a punchy, lighthearted and memorable way. Instead of the now very recognisable self distancing hazard tape usually found outside of supermarkets and stores, our idea was to replace them and inform the space with fun life size transfers of culturally relevant characters such as Danny DeVito and Joe Exotic - The Tiger King as well as products like loo roll, milk and bananas that are on offer as people enter stores, that all have an approximate height or length of 6ft (2 metres), engaging and encouraging people to share the content.

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