The North Face: Pinnacle Project

  • Drew Collins
  • Ricky Williams
To kick off the 2018 Pinnacle Project campaign, The North Face opened the world’s highest pop-up store in the Italian Dolomites. This iconic store stands at 2,100M and holds 8 unique pieces worn by some of the greatest explorers of our time whilst on their expeditions. This unique store opened on the last day of their Mountain Festival.
The UNILAD team travelled to Italy to create unique content pieces that focused on the pop-up store, auction, Mountain Festival and its range of outdoor themed activities. This content was then published across both Instagram Stories and Facebook video on the UNILAD Adventure channels in the United Kingdom, Germany and Italy.
Check out the full video here:
The second part of this exciting campaign saw the UNILAD production team head out to the Peak District, where in-house talent Bam would have to learn how to survive in the great outdoors alongside brand ambassador James Pearson. This bringing together of personalities allowed us to create narrative led video content that would reach and engage both the urban and adventure target audiences.
Full film:
For the final part of this paroject, our UNILAD Sound team covered the exciting Pinnacle Project music event in Manchester, creating a unique Instagram Story that made our audence feel like part of the crowd.


Mountain Festival
1x Showcase Video on UNILAD Adventure
1x Instagram Story on UNILAD Adventure
- 2,505,279 Total Video Views
- 42,262 Total Engagements

Out Of Depth
1x Narrative Video on UNILAD Main
1x Instagram Story on UNILAD Adventure

Pinnacle Project Manchester
1x Instagram Story on UNILAD Sound
- 29,162 Total Views
- 645 Total Engagements


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