Uber x Manchester United: Destination United

  • Tom Ellery
  • All about Julian
  • Piers Hunte Dunne
  • David Wyatt
  • James Byfield
  • Yohan Forbes
  • Olivia Mee

In 2018, Uber needed to activate their sponsorship of Manchester United, they approach Copa90, the world's leading football content agency to take the project forward and Destination United was born. Destination United looked to collapse the distance between fans and their passion for Manchester United, we developed a 3 day event that took place in the Southern Indian city of Bengaluru. When there are statistics such as 99% of Manchester United fans will never go to Old Trafford, and that there are more Manchester United fans in India than in the whole of Europe, it became a no brainer, let's bring Old Trafford to India. Using a combination of physical experiences and digital experiences, Destination United teleported fans into Old Trafford, from walking through the player tunnel and having a selfie looking across the pitch, to sitting in the player's changing room, or visiting the club's museum, we rebuilt the core Old Trafford experiences for India fans to enjoy. The pinnacle of the event was our 360 degree shared VR experience, that really did teleport guests into Manchester on a match day, giving our guests the sights and sounds of Sir Matt Busby Way and the thousands of fans that march to the stadium, to the hustle and bustle inside the ground and then the glory on the pitch itself. The event closed on a private watch party for India's biggest Manchester United fan and his friend for the Man U vs Arsenal game on the 29th April 2018. With links to and fro the stadium in Manchester and our event in India, we gave our super fan the experience of a lifetime. I was responsible for all elements of the event production, from concept development, through to delivery on site, and all aspects of project management to make it happen.