University of Cumbria, Institute of the Arts, BA (Hons) Graphic Design and BA (Hons) Illustration

  • Bethany Lancaster
  • Ellie Lauder
  • Timothy Stewart
  • Connor Wilby
  • Marc Noble
  • Ed Merlin Murray
  • Daniel Thomas Coates
  • Robin Barkley
  • Jacob Towle
  • Max Wilkins
It’s personality, passion and the quality of the work in a portfolio that gets students a job in the creative industries, and that’s what the degree courses in Graphic Design and Illustration at the University of Cumbria develop in our graduates. The extensive feedback, support and guidance students receive throughout their studies means that they leave as flexible, fully prepared, highly motivated, professional designers and illustrators, ready to hit the ground running and with the confidence and creative skills necessary to stand out from the crowd. In fact, just the type of graduate the creative industries are crying out for.
Tim Stewart. Book design: How Math Won the Lottery
Ed Merlin Murray. Illustration: Isolation
Connor Wilby. Intrigue: an app to help readers choose a Penguin book.
Ellie Lauder. Illustration: George Orwell's A Clergyman's Daughter
Max Wilkins. A redesign of IATA luggage tags
Bethany Lancaster. A Short History of Nearly Everything
Noelle Krehbiel. Illustration: The Quaker’s Gold from Shadows, Spells and the Shenandoah, a collection of Virginian legends and folktales.
Jacob Towle. Book design: Prime, the Hidden Beauty of Prime Numbers
Ed Merlin Murray. Illustration: MYSTERIUM CONSCIENTIA A book of drawings exploring the mysteries of human consciousness via the worlds of neuroscience, metaphysics, esoteric mysticism, and other arcane sciences.
Robin Barkley: The Empowerment of Music: Using typography to bring life to a cause represented by a musical genre
Marc Noble. Chase: music video
Tim Stewart. Life Changes: an integrated advertising campaign to gain new subscribers for Audible, employing hidden messages revealed by environmental conditions
Daniel Coates. Book design: The Ignorance Project, writings of Hans Rosling from The Gapminder Foundation
Connor Wilby. The Night Manager
Bethany Lancaster. One-a-day experimental posters, creative wake up before work