voco hotels

  • Linda Elander
  • Mariana Zourari
  • stéph anie
  • Elliott Shiels

Working with a creative team during my time at JWT I was tasked with developing a brand new campaign and creative direction for voco hotels, a new hotel brand being launched by IHG hotels. My brief was to develop a brand that had strong stand out in the premium hotel sector and the digital space, and to develop a campaign that avoided any luxury hotel cliche's. We developed a campaign based around the idea of 'stay interesting' stemming from the company's business model of finding interesting hotels and converting them to voco properties. For each property we found unique stories and facts about the location to launch the hotel with. It was through this lens that all of the Creative Direction then took its inspiration. Playing with the brands existing colours and bird mascots, I developed a graphic series of ads and comms that were unexpected, bold and striking and visually represented the campaign thought.