#VWCollectables - Volkswagen's Iconic car heritage story

The Brief
The challenge was to increase brand love on social through Volkswagen’s heritage and some of its more iconic models. To do this, we were inspired by Volkswagen’s heritage fleet to create social content that would take people through time, celebrating our continued commitment to design and lasting quality — virtues that have defined Volkswagens over the decades.

While the brand’s heritage is well established with its core demographic, this campaign was aimed at a younger one — to which Volkswagen might just feel like any other car maker. This informed both the style and art direction of the entire project. Our objective was to make them aware of how much Volkswagen’s iconic design has influenced the last 6 decades.

We chose illustrators and animators who could bring to life a specific art direction and reflect a range of iconic decades through consistent and elegant style. These animated posters designed to capture attention on social feeds and featured our most iconic car designs from the 50s to today, each illustrated with the style of the era they most influenced – giving VW fans a sense of nostalgia, helping them identify with these heritage cars and in turn encouraging social sharing.


Executive Creative Director: Victoria Buchanan
Creative Director: Jade Tomlin
Illustrator: Jesús Prudencio
Animator: Pete Dickinson
Animator: Jose Espejo
Head of Social: Alexei Edwards
Lead Planner: Philip Mattei
Account Manager: David Woolfe
Project Manager: Daniela Cossu
Project Manager: Fran Denega