Why We Turn To Flowers In Times Of Crisis

  • Anna Jay
  • Harriet Slaughter
  • Tino Chiwariro
  • Elena Cremona
  • Tami Aftab
  • Sadhbh O'Sullivan

Feature on why we turn to flowers in a time of crisis, pegged to the COVID-19 pandemic and purchasing trends. Anna curated a selection of work by artists around the concept, as well as some self-shot work to create large scale layouts for the editorial. - Curating and Design by Anna Jay Written by by Sadhbh O’Sullivan

Photograph taken during the coronavirus pandemic by Jasmine Clarke, other photographs by Paula Codoner, Joanna Cresswell and florist Harriet Slaughter (@boldoxlip). Black and white photograph of women picking flowers for market during World War II.
South London cherry blossom photographed by Luke & Nik, taken at the start of the coronavirus pandemic. Background photograph by Anna Jay.
Cyanotype by Anna Atkins in 1853, inset photograph by Tami Aftab with set design by Ollie Wiggins.
Background photograph by florist Michelle Buabin (@michellebuabinflowers), middle two photographs by Elena Cremona and inset by florist Catherine Foxwell (@floralevolution).
Photograph of flowers behind plastic at a bodega granted essential trade during the pandemic by Stephanie Keith, inset photograph by Tino Chiwariro.
Photographs from left to right by florist Harriet Slaughter (@boldoxlip), Anna Jay, and florist Sage Flowers (@sage.flowers).

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