World of Tanks - Art of Winning

World Of Tanks is one of the biggest MMO (Massive Multiplayer Online) games in the world, with over 160 million active players. It has a passionate fanbase, because it’s a rewardingly complex game that’s satisfying to master. It’s difficulty is also its biggest communications hurdle. How do you quickly and clearly convey that World of Tanks is a strategic, historically accurate tank battling game that tests your knowledge, leadership and planning skills, that’s also a fun and exciting shooter? In short, you don’t. Brave created the Art Of Winning campaign to bring to life the emotional rewards of playing the game. We dramatised the satisfaction of meeting challenges, and enjoying a richer and more fulfilling gaming experience because of it. A win in World Of Tanks is all the sweeter because you earn it. The campaign shows what it takes to master the Art Of Winning and invites you to take up that challenge. Four television commercials, multiple online display ads and a further retargeting online film were created and ran across 12 markets worldwide.