YoungPlanet Crowd Funding Campaign

  • Alex Myers
  • Charlotte Philpotts
  • Emma Corbett

YoungPlanet, a new circular app which helps parents keep kids’ stuff out of landfill, turned to Manifest to help make its first crowdfunding raise a success. Brands turn to the crowd every day, and for start-ups it can be a challenge getting cut through in the press for your campaign when there are big brands out there raising huge sums. Building a solid community backbone for YoungPlanet so that it could bring its unique offering out of Hackney and into more households was key. Tapping into the growing trend of the circular economy and tapping into conversations about waste and gifting in the lead up to the festive season we gained traction for YoungPlanet in top tier press. We positioned co-founder Jason Ash as a thought leader in the space and set-up media briefings for him with This Is Money, The Sun, London Evening Standard and the BBC.

Resulting coverage helped boosted YoungPlanet’s credibility to investors when the CrowdCube campaign was live. We also supported YoungPlanet’s campaign by producing a piece of video footage for investors, developing CrowdCube page copy and launching the investment opportunity on social. YoungPlanet smashed through its raise target supported by editorial hits with This Is Money, Daily Mail Online, The Sun and local Hackney media titles.
· 8 pieces of top tier media coverage
· Total editorial OTS of over 124m
· Raise target exceeded by 22%