Aimee Hollands

Aimee Hollands

PhotographerLondon, United Kingdom
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Aimee Hollands

Aimee Hollands

PhotographerLondon, United Kingdom
About me
Currently working as a photographer for Bonham's Auction house, photographing a variety of items. I closely work with Fashion & handbags, Jewellery & watches department. I additionally love taking portraits & photographing the body.
  • Body
    BodyThe body is a beautiful piece of artwork that should be celebrated and loved. This collection of works is centered around body positivity. I hope that by viewing my work it empowers people to love themselves. Everything is in black and white to give the images a soft delicate feel. I’ve added small amounts of glitter to the 3 self portraits to highlight the shape and curves of the body making the images shimmer when viewing. There is no facial features shown in these photos to prevent any perso
  • Body
    BodyBody & florals The body is a beautiful piece of artwork that should be celebrated and loved. The bare skin against the florals is delicate and feminine and is softened by the use of natural light. Being unable to see the face removes any personal connection and allows the body to appear more as a sculptural object. Floral dress almost blends into the background, the glimpses of hair, skin and face are only what truly reveals that someone is stood there hiding in plain sight. The small amount of
  • Tim Andrews
    Tim AndrewsTim Andrews was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease in 2005 and ever since he has been spending his time being in front of the camera and has now been photographed by over 400 different photographers. He is a wonderful person to be around and is truly inspirational.
  • Untitled
  • Body Portraits
    Body Portraits
  • The black void
    The black voidThis project explores the worlds and environment's in which fantasy creatures in habit. The bright blue photos reflect the gateways to these world through the use of the central black line ('the black void'), whereas the circular images reflect what is beyond the black void. The surreal animation below puts the viewer into a strong sense of wonderment. The black void acts as a gateway to a new world and the dust floating within it gives you a glimpse of the space within the void. The narrative expresses a figure approaching and noticing the void, the place she is within is unknown leaving it to the viewers imagination to create their own setting. She describes what she sees and how she feels naturally making the viewer feel and think in the same way. The noises In the background play alongside the animation and its left to the viewers interpretation as to whether they are being created within the setting or within the void.
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Work history
    PhotographerBonhams Auctioneers
    Knightsbridge, London, UKFull Time
    Working as a photographer, photographing various artwork & objects that are going to auction. Images are used both online & in their catalogues. Everything is photographed on a Hasselblad camera tethered to Mac computer using Phocus software. Once the images are edited they are then uploaded on to Bonhams A3 system. I work specifically with the following departments: Jewellery, Watches, Fashion & Handbags and Homes & interiors. I previously worked with Pictures, Prints & multiples, Books & Manuscripts & Entertainment Memorabilia. I’ve also shot some furniture. I shot model shots for Jewellery to show scale & marketing shots for handbags for them to use on social media to promote upcoming sales. I produce front cover shots for Watches which includes a close up of a watch face lit dramatically with a textured background and sometimes a prop. Jewellery is shot with minimal reflections. The images are brightened & colours enhanced. Everything has a small drop shadow. The objects I photograph vary in scale. If the object is unable to come the studio i'll go and shoot it in its location, if the object is inside this involves taking a small lighting set up with me Artwork is photographed framed & unframed with balanced lighting and colour checked. 3D objects & clothes are photographed with balanced lighting, drop shadow on a white background & colour checked. Postproduction is carried out on all photos making sure everything is colour corrected, cropped & if there is a white background that it is ‘255’. Putting together installation shots for the Prints department on request. Pieces of artwork edited into a fake backdrop/setting to give a more realistic way of viewing artwork in the catalogue
    Science Museum Group logo
    Science Museum Group logo
    Junior photographerScience Museum Group
     - 23 Blythe Rd, Hammersmith, London W14 0HA, UKFull Time
    • Working as a junior photographer, photographing the 'One collection' project that holds an extensive wide range of objects. • I produced documentation style photography – which consists of a white backdrop, balanced lighting and colour checked. • I have object handling training. • Received asbestos awareness, general hazard and health and safety training due to the various different hazards that are within the collection. • Between 1-3 days a week I worked with and helped managed volunteers. • Occasionally I help the core photography team in the main studio shooting publication style photography. • Created 360 photographs for specially requested objects. • Catalogued objects onto the system; Asset panda • Each day I had to reach the daily target of 66 objects a day. • Carried out minimal post production on all images; removing any noticeable background marks, cropping, editing out edges of backdrops and merging images together.
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  • Photography
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Creative
    Falmouth University logo
    Falmouth University logo
    BA (Hons) PhotographyFalmouth University
     - Falmouth, United Kingdom
    - Second class honours Degree (2:1) in BA (Hons) Photography - Projects completed during first year include: brief based projects, group presentations and self-devised projects. - Projects completed during second year include: a group set build project, two self-devised assignment, Dissertation proposal - Projects completed during third year include: Two self-devised assignments, Dissertation, Audience and context module - Theory based essays and critical reviews for each completed project. - Presenting work in local exhibitions both at university and in Falmouth town (View my website for more details)
    A Level, AS Level, GCSE
     - Chalfont Saint Peter, United Kingdom
    - A-levels in Photography B, Art and Design C, English Literature C - 10 GCSE’S at A*-C