Beatriz Sá

Beatriz Sá

Graphic Designer & FilmmakerLondon, United Kingdom
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Beatriz Sá

Beatriz Sá

Graphic Designer & FilmmakerLondon, United Kingdom
About me
portuguese graphic designer & documentary filmmaker video, photography, travel, multicultural passionate
  • Hello 2021 | DIY & state51
    Hello 2021 | DIY & state51We are thrilled to have teamed up with DIY to film their Hello 2021 sessions. The Hello gigs usually happen at The Old Blue Last every Tuesday in January but things are a bit different this year and without the venues open the decision was made to film the shows instead. The state51 Conspiracy welcomed many talented musicians into the state51 factory to film live sessions. All the usual state51 rules applied: one take, no edits, no overdubs - just performance up close and personal. Each show
  • Norte
    Norteeditorial project rebranding the menu for the restaurant & pub "Norte", in the north of Portugal.
  • Al-Andalus
    Al-AndalusAl-Andalus is an editorial piece and a documentary film reflecting my journey through al-Andalusian territory: Portugal, Spain and Morocco.
  • Microsoft
    MicrosoftAs a brand Microsoft believes in people and what they can make possible. Its mission is to empower every individual and organisation to do more and achieve more, using technology to seamlessly enhance their lives. The Surface range delivers on this. It offers powerful tools that balance versatility, performance and craftsmanship, so you can create without compromise. With Surface, technology disappears and all that remains are ideas. Now it’s time for the world to know: Microsoft and Microsoft
  • Photo London
    Photo LondonPhoto London __ Photo London is an international contemporary fair held in London’s Somerset house in May and brings together the world’s leading galleries in a major international photography fair. I was asked to create the visual identity for Photo London and to design the catalogue that will accompany the exhibition. The visual identity must understand and clearly represent the context and intentions of the show and also be an exciting and contemporary solution that is relevant to the graphi
  • Yuan Restaurant
    Yuan RestaurantYuan Chinese Restaurant ___ YUAN is a casual/formal Chinese Restaurant, that specializes in northern eastern cuisine, with a varied selection of noodles, dumplings, drinks and other dishes, in a setting that is elegant yet relaxed, classic yet youthful. The briefing was about rebranding the restaurant and potentially adding 4 new and relevant applications to it.
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Work history
    The state51 Conspiracy logo
    The state51 Conspiracy logo
    Media ProducerThe state51 Conspiracy
    London, United KingdomFull Time
    The Telegraph logo
    The Telegraph logo
    Graphic DesignerThe Telegraph
     - London, United KingdomFull Time
    I was part of the Emerging Formats Team, where I worked daily with motion graphic for the snapchat, instagram, facebook and twitter accounts of The Telegraph and occasionally worked on some illustrations for the editorial edition
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  • Print Design
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  • Designer
  • Editorials
  • Graphics
  • Creative Typography
  • Photography
  • Editorial Photography
  • 35mm Film Photography
  • Photojournalism
    (MA) Audiovisual CommunicationEscola Superior de Media Artes e Design
    Porto, Portugal
    Photography and Documentary Film
    Speciality CourseThe University of Texas at Austin
     - United States
    partnership between ESMAD (PT) and UT Austin (USA) The class Death and Documentary will examine several different approaches to death and how they can be portrayed in documentary film. Through a series of lectures and screenings, students are invited to meditate about their mortality and to express themselves through the creative production of documentary films, portraying death in a wide range of interpretations. The structure of the course starts with simple projects and move to more complex ones, in a hands-on project approach.
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