Ben Eady

Ben Eady

Creative DirectorLondon, United Kingdom
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Ben Eady

Ben Eady

Creative DirectorLondon, United Kingdom
About me
I’m an Creative Director (Art Director) based in London. I've now worked in three countries, New Zealand, Ireland and the UK, spanning a decade and half. Over that time I’ve been chalking up countless successful ad campaigns and a good many awards, not to mention backslaps from grateful clients. I've gained experience across a wide range channels – the first half of my career has been working below-the-line and the next working above-the-line. Thanks to this dual discipline experience, I can churn out ideation like magic and happily juggle the complexities of the most intensive integrated campaigns. Over the years I’ve also gained a reputation for creative-lead strategy, often working alongside ECDs helping to win new business. I love the industry and find it endlessly stimulating. I’m as driven as the most hungry young gun but with the experience and knowledge to back it up. Thankfully this business suits someone with Peter Pan syndrome and I love how the continuously changing landscape. Being creative is a way of life for me – when I’m not being creative at work, I will often be found painting, photographing, producing jewellery and of late, out in the streets at night mapping structures, doing Guerilla Augmented Reality Projections.
  • Blingo gaming Promo Hype-video
    Blingo gaming Promo Hype-videoBlingo Promo Hype-video for Kindred/Unibet. Kindred is one of the largest global online gambling companies. It doesn't limit itself to slot apps but also has a large range of live gaming experiences where participants can tune in remotely to play online via their mobiles. In this case Kindred teamed up with UK hiphop bingo sensation "Blingo". We promoted live bingo events throughout Europe. The initial brief was for a series of hype-videos, however, they were so well received, we also cut down
  • Vlad Casino experiential at Untold Festival (Romania)
    Vlad Casino experiential at Untold Festival (Romania)Vlad Casino is one of Unibet's most successful Romanian gaming brands. The brief was to create an experiential space within the grounds of the famous Untold festival in Cluj. However, we didn’t want this to be the usual branded chill-out space. This had to be a place where everything was gamified in line with the Vlad Casino brand spirit – the gaming entertainment had to be non-stop fun, specially considering we were competing with the whole, wider festival entertainment. Additionally, the exper
  • Child Labor Free – UK Launch Campaign
    Child Labor Free – UK Launch CampaignChild Labor Free (CLF) is a charitable organisation striving to end the misery of child labour around the world. Their focus is helping consumer brands ensure their supply chains are ethical and exploitation-free. Our job was to launch CLF in the UK – on a shoestring budget – and gain global exposure. No pressure! The solution? A creative-led strategy that tapped into London’s vibrant graffiti scene – where notable artworks can generate considerable attention. (Heard of a guy called Banksy?)
  • Vodafone Talk Zone Zero TVC Series
    Vodafone Talk Zone Zero TVC SeriesTVC for Vodafone New Zealand TalkZoneZero campaign. Everyone has had the experience of working with an overly officious colleague at some time in their career – the person who takes the idea of prudent cost saving, and crosses the line. This campaign uses that insight in order to illustrate the savings offered by Vodafone TalkZoneZero. A total of six TVCs were filmed in a single day.
  • Spark NZ & Huawei P20 Pro, #ONESHOT promotion.
    Spark NZ & Huawei P20 Pro, #ONESHOT promotion.THE CHALLENGE: To drive sales and brand exposure of the Huawei P20 Pro – on a shoe string budget. Huawei was relatively unknown in the New Zealand market and Spark was testing the water in terms of the brand’s sales potential. MY SOLUTION: The P20 Pro had genuinely impressive photographic capabilities thanks to its three lens 40mgp camera. This made it a real challenger against established mobile and DSLR camera brands. I decided to create a hybrid experiential and social campaign to drive adv
  • Farm Source and Ballance staff face merge
    Farm Source and Ballance staff face mergeNZ Farm Source and Ballance sales staff partner on a seasonal basis to deliver fertiliser solutions to farmers. However, both companies wanted to improve the working relationship between the two sides. We came up with a quirky but fun way to promote a ‘working as one’ message – by literally merging staff members with their regional counterparts. The campaign launched at a regional conference. Staff each had a unique code on table place cards, which was used to log in with any device and show
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Work history
    Senior CreativeY&R NZ, Colenso BBDO
     - Auckland, New ZealandFreelance
    Senior CreativeFederation Ltd, Y&R NZ, Colenso BBDO
     - Auckland, New ZealandFreelance
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    I started winning awards when just a student. Since then I’ve been clocking them up virtually every year of my career – both in New Zealand and Ireland. Most have been domestic wins but with a good few international gongs too. Crediting freelancers for winning work is not always common practice in New Zealand but I’ve always been happy to see an agency gain recognition for my hard work – something I’m keen to make happen more now that I reside in the UK. Overall, accolades are not where I draw pride from. Succeeding where others fail, winning new business and forging fruitful relationships is what gives me true pleasure in my work. Of course it’s nice to get the odd pat on the back from the industry too. Awards include: Numerous NZ Marketing Association and Irish Marketing Association awards, Various independent direct marketing awards, Axis awards, Effies, Macromedia and Adobe interactive awards... Gold, silver, bronze, Best in Show and Grand Prix – along the way I’ve had my share.