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London, United Kingdom
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About me

...a quick introduction, -my name is Damon Hutson-Flynn and I work as a Creative Director across all channels of Advertising and TV Broadcast. I have been very fortunate to work on a fantastic range of brands in every type of medium and sector by always keeping to one main core discipline, -the ability to always lead with a big and spot on idea. This single minded first objective to all my work has been the route to a vastly diverse career to date. My background has included working both full-time and freelance at top London Advertising agencies like Ogilvy, McCanns to JWT as an award winning Creative Copywriter and Art Director for 19 years. Generally used as a creative director/one-man senior creative team, -I have devised, created and produced 360 campaigns in TV, radio, print all the way through the line to Digital and Social for many major national and international brands. Whether the brief demands a fully integrated multi-media campaign or just a one-off small space ad, -it is my belief that a strong campaign thought with a decent USP should always be at the hub of every piece of creative. New shapes and sizes of media will come and go, -but the need for a great hub idea remains timeless. Having such a deep understanding of brand and strategy over such a great range of products and services often allows me the opportunity to work directly with companies, -from TV channels to brands themselves. For a creative, it is an exciting delight to be at a first floor level in re-shaping a brand and implementing stronger communication to a client's audience (while growing their target market at the same time). Working so closely at source often produces the most effective creative and results too. So it has also been a pleasure both handling and persuading clients from an agency side and doing the same quality creative working client side. Over the last 10 years I have especially enjoyed also working directly with clients like the The Week Magazine, Cartoon Network, Channel 4, E4, Discovery, Red Bee Media and Channel 5 (where I worked full-time as Creative Director). From there it has been my added pleasure to develop content with Channel 5, London Live and Channel 4. While also working as creative group head and creative director at several advertising agencies and TV channels, it has been a further honour to tutor from time to time at West Herts Copywriting/Art Direction Post Grad course (my old college). Below is a link to my website where you will find work I proudly wrote and directed for Channel FIVE and E4. There you will see other examples of my Photography (for the VO Man campaign), Illustration (for the Nescafe ICE campaign) and numerous other commercial TV spots I have written and directed. However each piece of work on the website are all samples of my greatest passion and premier core skill, -creativity (as there really is never any point starting anything without having a good idea first). Hope you enjoy my work so far... https://squarejaw.carbonmade.com Ultimately I am keen to do more myself and realise the greater potential in others. I look forward to hopefully having the opportunity of chatting and better yet working with you soon. Thanks and all the best,... Damon Hutson-Flynn

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  • Ideas
  • 360 Campaigns
  • Scripts
  • Poster
  • Art Director and Copywriter
  • Directing
  • Mentoring Creatives
  • Ability to Communicate with Both Teammates and Clients
  • Illustrator
  • Photography

Work history


Creative Director

The BEST Ad Agencies and TV Broadcasters

Jun 1996
  • Full Time
  • I have been blessed to work at the most famous and greatest advertising agencies and TV broadcasters of London in the UK. Please see my LinkedIn profile or CV for a veritable A-Z of great places to work.