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Danilo De Marco

Creative Director and Graphic DesignItaly
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Danilo De Marco

Creative Director and Graphic DesignItaly
About me
Danilo De Marco is a multidisciplinary Graphic Designer living in Catania, Italy, and working as Creative Director at Studio K95. Danilo has worked between Italy and Switzerland graphic studio and he is winner of international design awards as: IF Design Award , ADC Annual Awards, IDA Design Award, Indigo Aaward. He is particularly interested in Type design, Visual Design, Editorial, Branding, Web design and UI Design. His graphic is inspired for Swiss/Italian style and to designer as Albe Steiner, Bruno Munari, Max Huber, Massimo Vignelli, Bob Noorda and Bruno Monguzzi.
  • Stelvio Grotesk TypefaceThe Stelvio Grotesk is a modern sans-serif character designed by Danilo De Marco between 2018 and 2020 for Studio K95. It is the result of a long study of the Grotesk characters of the past, such as the already mentioned Akzidenz, Helvetica and Univers. The font is composed by 5 weights (Italic, Regular, Medium, Bold, Extra Bold), the Italic versions and a style we have called Stylus, ideal for headlines and graphic uses. Some letters of the font are characterized by sinuous strokes belongi
  • Grid Sport Posters SerieEN For Posterjam's monthly contest we made a poster recalling the word GRID. The idea was to create a grid infographic dedicated to Michael Jordan, trying to break the rigidity of the grid thanks to a very precise aesthetic, using color and geometric shapes. We were inspired by the geometries used to outline the basketball courts. When we designed the first poster, we decided to create 9 more posters dedicated to famous sportsmen and women, giving life to this project. The grid consists of 6x8
  • Max Huber - Alphabet and Posters serie5 June 2019 was the centenary of the birth of the Swiss graphic designer and artist Max Huber. To pay homage to his figure we have created a series of 10 posters and an alphabet bearing his name "Huber Alphabet", both inspired by his graphic and artistic work. We have chosen to design the posters some subjects that reflect not only the work of Huber for companies such as La Rinascente or Borsalino, but also some of his passion as jazz and car racing. The letters of the alphabet have been geo
  • Crazy / Genius film directorsThis is a posters series (50x70 cm.) dedicated to some of the most brilliant film directors in history. We have chosen for each director a representative film that has become an icon of a given era. Each poster is characterized by the fusion of two images, a main image in "duotone" and a smaller image in black and white representing two main scenes of the film. This is a personal experimental project realized for the PosterJam contest. 1. Quentin Trantino - Pulp Fiction 2. Alfred Hitchcock -
  • Mediartrade – Modern and Contemporary Art ExhibitionFor the second edition of the auction of "Modern and Contemporary Art" of the auction house Mediartrade we have designed the visual identity. The main artwork is composed of elements that recall some of the most famous modern artistic currents. The moving bubble in the center of the artwork represents the artist's palette that has become a stain of colors, a reference to the decontextualization of Dadaism. The square behind the stain refers instead to Cubism, the grid of dots to Pointillism an
  • Studio K95 BrandingLogotype K95 is made by the first letter of the Catania’s greek name - Katané - and the first two numbers of the city ZIP code , number 95. Since we wanted to make the logotype as peculiar and effective as possible, we putted together geometric letters with a linear and round font, the Urania. Using as a model the logotype's letters, we have designed a font used for our visual identity, the k95 alphabet. The ‘corporate image’ shows photos of monuments located nearby our studio. Many elements
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Work history
    Creative DirectorStudio K95
    Catania, ItalyFull Time
    Graphic Designer, UI Designer, Type DesignerMeedori S.r.l
     - Catania, ItalyFull Time
  • Typography
  • Poster Design
  • Branding
  • Editorial Design
  • UI Design
  • Web Design
  • UX Design
  • Logo Design
  • Motion
  • Creative Art Direction
    Herbert Typeface PostersADC Annual Awards
    Compagnia Nino Martoglio - BrandingIDA Design Award
    Honorable Mention
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