Delina Dimova

Delina Dimova

Writer | Creative Consciousness Coach | Spiritual HealerVarna, Bulgaria
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Delina Dimova

Delina Dimova

Writer | Creative Consciousness Coach | Spiritual HealerVarna, Bulgaria
About me
Hi everyone, I am a bubbly kind of personality. I have consistently studied the human psyche and I've ended up a devotee to feeling alive and healthy. From Psychology and Computing to Creative Consciousness coaching, I am now a heart-centred writer with a passion for love. The kind of love that is mostly dependent on You, knowing yourself. I have two cats and Seaview out front. I love reading cards for people, I practice yoga at home almost every day and I am in awe of the element of Water. I believe that water can heal us on mental and emotional level. Thank you.
  • On a Frozen Lake
    On a Frozen Lakethe seaside card readings on a frozen lake. the lead frequency 'kindred soul'. it was fun.
  • By The Waterfall
    By The WaterfallSeaside card readings are made manifest by a waterfall nestled into the Old Mountains.
    RECEIVE10 practices and 2 perspectives that will help you learn to receive. Most people are givers and yet I have found that receiving is how we achieve some of that happy feeling.
Work history
    Creative Consciousness
    London, United KingdomPart Time
    Born in London, the idea of running my own retreat centre and gathering people to help them learn self-love and self-care, my 7 years old personal brand is one of my biggest achievements. I am super blessed to share my wisdom with incredible clients and to give rise to their talents. Make way for their creativity to come forward. My main focus with coaching is self-love and self-care. I believe from that space of love, everything else follows.
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    Bachelor of Science. PsychologyBournemouth University
     - Bournemouth, United Kingdom
    The degree was actually called Psychology and Computing. They don't have it anymore. Now it's just Psychology. My dissertation was on the relationship between children's interaction and personality types as observed in an after school club.
    Certified Creative Consciousness CoachCreative Consciousness Academy