• Delina Dimova

10 practices and 2 perspectives that will help you learn to receive. Most people are givers and yet I have found that receiving is how we achieve some of that happy feeling.

A combination of practices and perspectives that can teach us to receive. Here’s the shortlist.
  1. Writing
  2. Indirect manifestation
  3. Feel with your sense
  4. Thank you
  5. Empty and hungry
  6. Power
  7. Open eye meditation
  8. Fear of happiness
  9. Acceptance
  10. Declutter
WOW – high ten. And without further a due.

The first thing is to feel worthy to receive. The second thing is knowing what you want to receive so what would you be excited to manifest in your life, tomorrow. You can use writing a letter to yourself as a chance to affirm to yourself you are worthy of receiving and what would be exciting to receive.
Write a letter addressed to someone you know who has told you what they want. For example, my friend wants to stop eating sugar. I would write a letter full of blessings to him. I would then replace the ‘you’ with ‘I’ and all of the ‘I’ with ‘You’. Read it again and feel it. As I feel, I am learning how to receive.

Indirect Manifestation
Indirect manifestation. If you want to manifest something in your life, on the fifth-dimensional place, we use indirect manifestation. Bless people with the three top desires that you have. For example, I need a new full-time job and I need to be living with my boyfriend and I need people to be interested in what I have to say. So, I would bless you with my top three desires. I would say ‘May you be blessed with a full-time job. May you be blessed with a boyfriend who invites you to live with him. May you be blessed with an audience that is super excited to hear what you have to say.’ Even if you have a full-time job, I would still bless you with my top priority desires as a way of telling the universe what I am ready to receive.

Feel With Your Senses
Feeling. Being able to feel with all of your senses. Do not desensitize yourself with crappy foods or too much media.
Guilt, shame, bad, wrong, too much, too little, too insignificant, over the top, inadequate, all of which deserves more love not less. We love the one who’s able to name their emotional state. Not the actual emotion itself. We love the EXPERIENCER, not the experience itself. Every next ‘the one’ that we get to love, who is in line, can only be a sign of us becoming Divine Receivers. It is only the one who can see the queue of stuff to be received that is becoming awake and aware of his or her role as a receiver. If something is coming to you then you are ready for it and already its Divine Receiver.

Thank You
To shift from receiving fewer desirable emotions into more desirable ones, we must first acknowledge and give thanks to ourselves. Thank you from you to you. Oftentimes we must be grateful to ourselves for all that we are, and all that we do. We cannot wait for someone else to give us thanks first.

Empty and Hungry
Recognize the selfish you. Where in your life do you like to collect and to have more. Tap into that feeling and transfer it to what you wish you would be able to receive but you are not that good at. Be hungry. Get greedy if you have to. Stay in the burn and burn because that is a sign that you want more. I know you are far away from being greedy but if we are not hungry for something then how can we receive it? Identify what you are truly hungry for and then do this: exhale to ‘empty’ and inhale for ‘hungry’. Be needy and when you receive, give yourself time to integrate. To integrate, you can call on your spirit guides before bedtime asking them to take you into the Temple of Integration.

Receiving the grace of your higher self. Even when you suffer an injury, it is you who did it to you. It is all you. Take responsibility by owning it and saying ‘I did that. Look, how powerful I am. It takes power to create both desirable and undesirable experiences. This deserves to be respected more, not less. Pain then becomes your greatest teacher and if you were not able to receive it, then pain probably would not be able to reach you. The pain must be felt and being able to feel means you are able to receive.

Perspective one:
There is more, there is enough, there is more, it’s plentiful, it’s overflowing. Affirming that there is more to be received prepares you for the receiving of it.

Open Eye Meditation
Ground and feel. It is all about feeling into your body. Get down from your head and into your chest. Look up, look ahead, look down, up and ahead. Practice open eye meditation so that you can train your brain to be awake to receive the presence that is always here. Love is always here; we just get obscured and can’t feel it. Open eye meditation is the practice of sitting normally, breathing normally, looking ahead of you. You can set a time for 30 minutes, or one hour and you would stay still, don’t go anywhere. Observe. All you are doing is sitting facing forward. Looking out in front. You can repeat this mantra: “There is nowhere to go, and there’s nothing to do, but to face forward and allow presence to come through.” Open eye meditation is an advanced spiritual practise to bring awakened consciousness into your life more and more. Just feel. Feel your feet on the floor, then your bum on the chair, feel that, and then look ahead. And just breathe however you want.

Fear of Happiness
Go for ‘YEAH’ in life and know that there is a very valid fear of happiness in humanity's consciousness still. This is the movement of pushing positive emotions and feelings away. Our work as a community is to override that. We are a community of the heart for a reason and the main one is to spread Love. The kind of love that stays, is long-lasting, or evergreen. Re-programming the basic foundation to say that happiness is okay can happen thanks to the community of the heart. The fear of happiness develops when we are kids who get told off for being too excited. In the community of the heart, you are celebrated when you are ecstatic and nurtured when you are in pain. If we re-learn that happiness is acceptable then we must be good at receiving.

Perspective two:
In every moment, begin again. :D


How do we receive with dignity and with integrity?
It is dependent on your self-acceptance or your boundaries. How much do you respect yourself, your choices and how much of your power are you actually giving away or calling back in - restoring. Only you have to feel good about your choices. If you have received something in an undignified way then it is your own higher self that can love you through that and into 100% acceptance, no judgement.

ACCEPTANCE You can repeat this out loud with your voice:

"I accept that all the gifts and insights of my higher self have already occurred even though playing out in real-time. And in knowing it is so I allow all the gifts of greater perspective, all the healing energy, and all the transformation that has already occurred to be received and embodied as I am now.”
In the words of my teacher Matt Kahn: “And since we have now taken the time to accept that what we are doing today to heal our empathic hearts has already occurred, now we are in a space to let it happen and simply come to us.”

In our Yoga with Adrienne, we talk about peeling back the onion. Trusting we are already the love that we want or the Divine Receivers that we wish to become. Yoga teaches us to unite thoughts and feelings, brain and body, but by the time we do that, we move through invisible walls, some harder than others, we are taking down layer by layer, what’s on the way of that union.

So, accept that all the gifts you wish to be able to receive have already been received. And now you are watching the interactive unfoldment of how you received those gifts, you basically let them come to you knowing you have already received them but you still need to see them play out in this physical reality.

My last golden nugget is: DECLUTTER to be able to receive. There’s just too much consumerism, possessions on a mental, emotional and physical level that what we actually want and need cannot find its way to us. My rule of thumb is: If I haven’t used it in the last six months, give it, throw it away or sell it.
In the end, we must take ACTION. It's all about action baby. Receiving is an action. What you put out is what you get in. Take action to make it a reality and you will see yourself as the receiver that you already are.




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