I need a business coach. Can you recommend someone?

Are you a business coach and would you be willing to meet me for a coaching session? I would happily discuss money and forms of exchange.
I feel stuck and ashamed to look at my own business situation. I have not figured out my own goals. Self-coaching on this seems daunting and I would rather use your help.
Looking forward to hearing from you.

p.s. that's me on New Year's Eve - and my friend from back home.


  • Business coaches should be sought based on your needs, not just recommendations from
  • Hi Delina,
    Just logging into The Dots for the first time in a while and your message popped up. It looks like you already have a lot of options, hopefully they have felt supportive to you. If you are still looking for further clarity I'd be happy to set up a chat and work out what could be most useful to you. I have experience in a range of sectors including wellness, the arts and media and would love to hear more about what your main pain point is for you right now. My website is about to get a revamp but you can find it at materialproductions.com and my email to set up a chat is antonia@materialproductions.com
    Have a great rest of the day!
  • Hi Delina.
    Instead of business coach, I recommend you talented developer who have killer skill.
    Once you have idea; he have skill to make it happen.
    You should grow your business by magical power of internet.
    Oneday you will make your mark , if you follow this.
    LMK your opinion.
    Take care & Best regards.
  • Hey Delina,
    I’m a business growth strategist. I would love to just chat and see if I can help! Plus maybe run through what to look out for in the coach to help
    You. Let me know what you think
  • Hi @Delina Dimova - This recording of a recent webinar I did on how to find a mentor & retain the relationship might be useful, as I also cover working with coaches: https://the-dots.com/projects/webinar-recording-may-2021-how-to-find-a-mentor-maintain-the-relationship-501940 :-)
  • Hi Delina, I'm a coach/mentor for early-stage businesses. I'm happy to have a conversation with you about where you are in your business and how we can set goals to get you moving forward.
  • Delina, I would recommend finding a local business coach as it's always lovely to have the opportunity to sit together over a cup of coffee. It's important for that sense of trust.

    Also, look for people who have experience of running a business. Nothing beats real life, lived experience. Yet, they don't necessarily need to be creative. Sometimes, they can offer a new perspective if they are coming from a different area.
  • Hi Delina, I am a creative coach , I have a business and art background. You can look me up on marianiemorazzani.com or mm-artconsult.com
    please do not hesitate to give me a call 07918910942 .
  • Hello Delina having provided business consultation to many start ups and small business I think I can help you even tough I don’t necessarily focus on business coach and run an agency I’d love to jump on a call free of charge and give you some tips

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