Dila Toplusoy

Dila Toplusoy

Writer & PoetIstanbul, Turkey
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Dila Toplusoy

Dila Toplusoy

Writer & PoetIstanbul, Turkey
About me
First Class Honours graduate in Media and Cultural Studies (now renamed as Contemporary Media Cultures) from University of the Arts London, with strong skills in creative writing, storytelling, editing, proofreading, translation and research. In my writing, I explore the beauty and mystery of our shared human experience, the art of mindful and compassionate living and our interconnectedness with nature. I'm currently looking to expand my writing portfolio and am always open to inspiring collaborations with creative people/organisations. I'm also passionate about volunteering for non-profit organisations/charitable causes - feel free to reach out! www.dilaquis.com
  • Reflections of Light
    Reflections of LightA poem of mine published in the 18th issue of Sky Island Journal - an independent, international, free-access literary journal. - Reflections of Light below the surface it's only you and your hands medusa-like in the reflections of light you open your eyes and see us for what we truly are in this Neptunian wandering and the castles made of us -  only as impenetrable as waves, forgetful  of their belonging and their beloveds in the reflections of light  high above  it's only you and your h
  • Magazine Feature & Interview
    Magazine Feature & InterviewI was interviewed and featured in the Creative Collections section of The Collective Magazine. https://www.the-collective-mag.com/post/artist-spotlight-dila-toplusoy An excerpt can be found below:
  • ş i i r l e ş i f a
    ş i i r l e ş i f aAn Instagram page featuring healing, inspiring and heart-opening poetry translated into Turkish, accompanied by art, photography, music and astrology. The page showcases both previously published/unpublished poems written/translated by me, and selections of poetry by some of my most beloved poets including Mary Oliver, Clarissa Pinkola Estes, Kahlil Gibran, Rainer Maria Rilke, David Whyte... There's also a mini podcast on Spotify with the same name, featuring recordings of some of my original a
  • Game-Changing Models of the New Generation
    Game-Changing Models of the New GenerationAn article I wrote for the London based modelling agency Rare Select Models' blog, on the groundbreaking and inspiring models of our time such as Adwoa Aboah, Winnie Harlow and Ashley Graham, and the ways in which they are challenging the criteria by which their success is measured. Originally published here: https://www.rareselectmodels.com/blog-1/game-changing-models-of-the-new-generation Image Credit: Gurls Talk
  • American Arts Incubator (AAI) Turkey 2019
    American Arts Incubator (AAI) Turkey 2019American Arts Incubator (AAI) is an initiative of the U.S. Department of State’s Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs developed in partnership with ZERO1, a Silicon Valley-based arts and technology organization. AAI is a creative exchange program that utilizes community-driven digital and new media art projects to instigate dialogue, build communities, bolster local economies, and further social innovation. Each incubator country addresses a relevant social or environmental challenge such
  • sociArtboom
    sociArtboom@sociartboom is an Instagram page I'd created back in '18, as a little side-project inspired by my dissertation at @unioftheartslondon , on museum-visitor relationships and social network sites & my semester at @sothebysinstitute. It's a page dedicated to and focused on the intersection between art and social media. https://instagram.com/sociartboom?utm_medium=copy_link
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Projects credited in
  • Issue1 is out!
    Issue1 is out!After months of working on MyBest, Zine we finally have the first issue out! Thank you to the contributors and resident artists who worked really hard with us on producing the zine! For the great content go to https://mybestzine.bigcartel.com/ and get yourself a copy!
  • Dila Toplusoy
    Dila ToplusoyIt was as if Margaret was still here. After all those years, her presence could still be felt everywhere - in the house and in the garden, in the river and in the air. But most strongly, in his paintings. Everyday, he sat in front of his easel with a meticulous and passionate dedication, to create another painting of her. I never imagined that ghosts could be more charming than a living, breathing human being. Yet here we were - me, a forgotten shadow behind him and Margaret, his sun, his fe
  • Dila Toplusoy
    Dila ToplusoyShe closed her eyes and inhaled the sunset mist… As she let her breath out slowly, a deep sense of nostalgia filled her. It felt like she was in a long-lost 19th-century Romantic painting. Time was standing still. There was only the pure silence of nature… She looked at the elegant trees surrounding her - her wisest friends, who always listened and never judged. At the lake that always embraced her with all her human flaws and vulnerability. Looking at her reflection in the water, she so
  • The Bower Monologues- Issue 002
    The Bower Monologues- Issue 002This issue pays homage to the female creatives that have commanded the concepts of both escape and retreat particularly over the last year, into artistically driven and highly receptive practices. From walking book clubs to witchcraft, the writers and artists of this issue have striven to spark intrigue and open the door to a world as seen by her. The Bower Monologues is a publication that explores the history and future of arts, culture and literature through the female psyche. It presents con
  • Seed.
    Seed.Seed is a community dedicated to celebrating storytelling. Each week, three people from the creative industry are selected to write a ‘seed’ inspired by one image. In other words, three people are asked to interpret the story within the frame. Who are the characters? Where is the story set? What is the bigger picture? The image is then posted three times on Seed’s Instagram and website, captioned with the different interpretations, alongside crediting the three writers and the photographer.
  • Dila Toplusoy
    Dila ToplusoyI’ve been wearing his sweatshirt ever since they took him away. He once told me that its color was named after a bird. I remember what mama said today, before I went to help out at the church. "Have faith, my boy. His innocence will be proven. This time, it will be different." A sound coming from outside brings me back to the familiar red of the benches. I look out the window, and finally see it – a small mockingbird settled on the oak tree, singing its heart out. A mockingbird the color o
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Work history
    Freelance TranslatorCan Publishing
     - Istanbul, TurkeyFreelance
    Freelance translation from English to Turkish for Turkey's first story application, Trendeki Yabancı, by one of the leading publishing houses of the country.
    Membership RepresentativeARTER
     - Istanbul, TurkeyPart Time
    - Responsible for the promotion and sales of the membership program - Carrying out the membership procedures in a timely and efficient manner, using ERP software Logo Tiger3, CRM software Salesforce, and the ticketing system created by KocSistem - Liaising with other departments concerning issues related to the program - Providing support with administrative and customer service duties - Conducting online research, gathering relevant data, preparing reports and documents related to the program - Maintaining member relations - Informing, orientating and assisting museum visitors
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    Certificate in Art BusinessSotheby's Institute of Art
     - London, United Kingdom
    The programme combines academic study with an insight into art and the professional art world, and is validated by The University of Manchester, one of the UK’s leading universities.
    University of The Arts London (UAL) logo
    University of The Arts London (UAL) logo
    BA Media and Cultural StudiesUniversity of The Arts London (UAL)
     - London, United Kingdom
    First-Class Honours Degree (Course renamed as BA (Hons) Contemporary Media Cultures) Year 1 units: Introduction to Study in Higher Education / Media, Communications & Culture / Media & Cultural Texts & Contexts / Applied Studies 1: Media Practice Year 2 units: Researching Media & Cultural Economies / Media, Technology & Interactivity /Collaborative Project / Travelling Cultures /Applied Studies 2: Media Practice 2 / Work-Based Learning Year 3 units: Contemporary Media Practices / Global Media & Culture: Case Studies / Applied Studies III: Critical Practitioner / Major Project Dissertation : Museum - Visitor Relationships and Social Network Sites : A Case Study From Turkey (First-Class)
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