The Bower Monologues- Issue 002

  • Millen Brown-Ewens
  • Dila Toplusoy
  • Rubi-blue Collins
  • flavia felipe
  • Bex Thackery
  • Ali Sheer
  • Grace Warn
  • Holly Jade O'Leary
  • Isabella Mitchell
  • Christy Thynne

This issue pays homage to the female creatives that have commanded the concepts of both escape and retreat particularly over the last year, into artistically driven and highly receptive practices. From walking book clubs to witchcraft, the writers and artists of this issue have striven to spark intrigue and open the door to a world as seen by her. The Bower Monologues is a publication that explores the history and future of arts, culture and literature through the female psyche. It presents contemporary society as seen by her. Created by and for the modern woman, its pages embody a space of contemplation, celebration and creation which interconnects the modern women to society and ignites her ingenuity. More information to be found at