Eelko Lommers

Eelko Lommers

Experienced digital creativeEindhoven, Netherlands
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Eelko Lommers

Eelko Lommers

Experienced digital creativeEindhoven, Netherlands
About me
“A good decision is based on knowledge and not on numbers” Plato.... Today we can find out everything there is to know about people. Yet with the abundance of this data we risk quantifying everyone into metrics and numbers, and by doing so we will lose sight of what really matters: the behaviour behind these metrics, and the personalities behind this behavior. Why do people do what they do? Who are they, what gets them excited and what keeps them up at night. I believe that by turning data into knowledge, we can use our creativity to make a positive impact on the lives of those we are set out to reach for our clients. Communication should not be about forcing people to move, but about motivating them to mobilise themselves and others around them. If we can find out what makes audiences tick, we can reach out and move them with creative prowess and digital excellence. I am a strong believer in the power of play and integrated storytelling so i live by my motto: "Take over the world and turn it into a playground!" Storytelling, Behaviour design, Rapid prototyping, MVP, Gamification, Strategy, Customer experience, User experience, AR, VR, AI, Data science, Growth hacker.
  • Vodafone, turning behavior into profit
    Vodafone, turning behavior into profitAs creative lead of a UX team from Lost Boys, CGI and Vodafone i was tasked with generating ideas, tools, product and usability improvements and suggestions that would improve the profitability of the Vodafone Germany webshop. Creating a wide array of improvements and tools that are user centric, we have been able to steer behavior from entry level visitors to the checkout process. This eventually resulted in a big increase in revenue from online sales. My role of Creative lead was to represent the user in a wide array of stakeholder scrums and meetings ranging from technology teams all the way up to Vodafone regional and upper management.
  • Powerslim visibility strategy
    Powerslim visibility strategyThe Powerslim local coaching experience BECOME THE BIGGEST PLAYER BY PUTTING ALL YOUR FOCUS ON THE SMALLEST PLAYERS Question: We want to lower the threshold for people to contact us when they want to lose weight as much as we can. When they come to our website the first thing it needs to achieve is that people trust in the fact that we can really help them. We are not only pushing products, we’re creating happy human beings. How can we get that trust. Solution: The research and behavioural analysis we did showed that people are struggling with their weight desire a level of certainty that the program works. The program needs to be directed at them personally, the program needs to be adaptable to one’s financial status, and the coach needs to be nearby since people are not willing to make long drives for a coach. IF PEOPLE SEE WHO IS GOING TO HELP THEM IT IS MUCH EASIER TO PICK UP THE PHONE. We started with the personal and local part. The website used several geo location indicators to pinpoint where people where surfing from. Once a location was determined they where presented with local content. News from your own area, coaches within walking distance, success stories of the people living around you. This makes them feel close to the solution and ensures a sense of familiarity which lowers the barriers of contacting the coaches. If they then then dig deeper into the website, there was a whole support system within the website ranging from recipes, exercises, downloadable cookbooks and online coaching. When a visitor would return they would be presented with even a more direct path to their preferences by altering homepage content.
Work history
    Digital Creative Director / strategist
    Eindhoven, NetherlandsFull Time
    Owner of Hello, agency for digital growth. In my role as Creative director i have been responsible for the strategy, UX and CX for international B2B and B2C clients. Clients include: Schoonenberg / Sonova, Stahl, Auping, Bauknecht
    Strategy Director
     - Eindhoven, NetherlandsFull Time
    In my role as creative director i was responsible for a creative team of 8 professionals for national and international accounts such as: Samsung, Auping, Maxi cosi, Enexis, Wittekerke beer, Dutch government, Sanoma, Wegener,
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    Digital Strategy
     - Amsterdam, Netherlands
    Branding, Online Marketing
     - Amsterdam, Netherlands
    Multiple online marketing and UX courses
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