Eleanor Forrest

Eleanor Forrest

Writer and EditorBirmingham, United Kingdom
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Eleanor Forrest

Eleanor Forrest

Writer and EditorBirmingham, United Kingdom
About me
I'm a freelance writer covering arts and culture, music and video games.
  • 1883 Magazine, Risqué Issue
    1883 Magazine, Risqué IssueIn this issue I interviewed Alabama musician, Clever, ahead of his latest album 'Crazy' and his career so far, being discovered by Juice WRLD, working with Lil Baby and signing to Post Malone's record company Posty Co. Cover: Saint JHN photographed by Mike Rosenthal
  • Oh Magazine, Issue 56
    Oh Magazine, Issue 56In Oh Magazine's 56th Issue I wrote a first-person narrative for the 'Labour's of Love' issue theme. Cover Illustration: Jago Silver
  • Oh Magazine, Issue 55
    Oh Magazine, Issue 55In Oh Magazine's 55th issue I wrote a review of Pat Barker's, 'The Silence of the Girls', the feminist revival of 'The Illiad' that we didn't know we needed. Cover Illustration: Jago Silver Second Illustration: Carissa Tanton
  • Amalia Yoo
    Amalia YooWords: Eleanor Forrest Publication: 1883 Magazine Photography: Shane McCauley Charismatic and insightful, Amalia Yoo radiates an infectious positivity as she discusses everything from her Christmas excitement, acting in commercials and playing Leila Kwan Zimmer in her first TV drama Grand Army, the latter which demonstrates, in full, the actress’ burgeoning talent. The phrase ‘like marmite’ is often used to convey how divisive something can be, you either love it or you hate it. Playing Leil
  • "It's A Defence Mechanism!" Clash Meets Ramengvrl
    "It's A Defence Mechanism!" Clash Meets RamengvrlWords: Eleanor Forrest Publication: CLASH With its origins in the Black communities in America, hip-hop serves as the vocalisation of alienated members of society. Much like punk and rock ‘n’ roll, it’s a genre associated with a rejection of the status quo, and it’s this rejection of societal norms and values that makes it the perfect vehicle for the counter culture movement in Indonesia today. Indonesian rapper Ramengvrl (Putri Estiani) is one of those people. When doing a quick ecosia searc
  • Get to Know Dolapo
    Get to Know DolapoWords: Eleanor Forrest Publication: NOTION Photography: Kim Lang The names we are given when we’re born possess meanings that convey aspirations or hopes that our parents or family might have for us, in Dolapo’s case, she’s well on her way to reach hers; success. Hailing from North London from Nigerian parents, music has been a welcome friend for the artist whether that was listening to her parents’ blast Fela Kuti in the living room or singing in her church choir in Tottenham. As an artist
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  • Twists and Turns
    Twists and TurnsA road safety video campaign featuring a spirited ballerina constantly searching for a new direction to take
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    Birmingham, United KingdomFreelance