"It's A Defence Mechanism!" Clash Meets Ramengvrl

  • Eleanor Forrest
Words: Eleanor Forrest

Publication: CLASH

With its origins in the Black communities in America, hip-hop serves as the vocalisation of alienated members of society.
Much like punk and rock ‘n’ roll, it’s a genre associated with a rejection of the status quo, and it’s this rejection of societal norms and values that makes it the perfect vehicle for the counter culture movement in Indonesia today.
Indonesian rapper Ramengvrl (Putri Estiani) is one of those people. When doing a quick ecosia search two things stand out about this groundbreaking artist; one, that she possesses a unique originality that you can’t help but love and two, she’s the only female artist in the multitude of Top 10 Indonesian hip-hop artist lists online. As one of the few women dominating the Indonesian hip-hop scene, her debut album ‘Can’t Speak English’, is both a statement of intent and ode to all the beautifully mismatched pieces that make up this talented artist.

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