Federica Martini

Federica Martini

Founder of ScruffyDesigns / IllustratorLondon, United Kingdom
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Federica Martini

Federica Martini

Founder of ScruffyDesigns / IllustratorLondon, United Kingdom
About me
  • Learn your ABC
    Learn your ABCIllustrated alphabet, A to Z, all based on the wonders of sexuality, pleasure and kinks. Sexuality is a topic that has always interested me, for some reason it's censored, considered taboo, cause of embarassment, discrimination and so on, while I believe it should be at the basis of people's education. ScruffyDesigns.co.uk
  • ScruffyDesigns - The Valentine's Collection
    ScruffyDesigns - The Valentine's CollectionWell well well, for those who dont' know me personally, let me just say this, I'm not one for traditions and conventions. This collection wants to celebrate love in any of its forms, wheater you're in a couple, single, galentine, FWB...anyone! www.scruffydesigns.co.uk
  • ScruffyDesigns.co.uk is live!
    ScruffyDesigns.co.uk is live!Hello all, I'm so proud to introduce what was only a side hustle, and it's now a full up and running shop. ScruffyDesigns comes from my innate and profound need to joke about pretty much anything relatable at all, there's so much need in this world to have a laugh about stuff, and there just as much of a need of debunking certain taboos. I draw stuff and make stationery products out of those drawings, I screen print, I write and everything ends up in the wonderful ScruffyDesigns shop.
  • Purrfetto cat litter
    Purrfetto cat litterThis is a brand identity I've built from scratch for an italian product. My client asked me to create something that would stand out on a pet shop's shelf, something fresh, with a humorous tone, aimed to attract an environment conscius customer.
  • Bookmarks
    BookmarksI'm working every day on products ideas to add to my online shop, keeping my style and sense of humour. Next up: Bookmarks
  • Girly tote bags
    Girly tote bagsHandbags and purses, synonym of prettiness and class....Fuck that, I prefer transparency.
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Projects credited in
  • Headtones
    HeadtonesThis was a case study video I created for Cannes Future Lion and was shortlisted by the judges. Yay.
Work history
    London, United KingdomFull Time
    Scruffy Designs is my very own design brand, I illustrate, create and sell cards, stationery, prints and apparelbased on the most relatable situation women can find themselves into...erhm mostly dating fails, and sex life dramas.
    London, United KingdomFreelance
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    School of Communication Arts logo
    School of Communication Arts logo
    Art Direction for AdvertisingSchool of Communication Arts
     - London, United Kingdom
    Fine Arts and new MediaSchool of fine arts
     - Italy
    3 years full time study of digital arts
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