Féli Yaucat

Féli Yaucat

DesignerLondon, United Kingdom
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Féli Yaucat

Féli Yaucat

DesignerLondon, United Kingdom
About me
I was born in France and raised in East London / Essex. I speak English and French fluently. What I enjoy most about Design is coming up with Ideas, developing logos and branding it throughout different elements. I take everyday life as an inspiration for my work. Working collaboratively is something I thrive in, bouncing ideas off each other and working as a team. Email: creativefel@outlook.com
  • Finches - Shift Design  | LCC
    Finches - Shift Design | LCCOur mission is to fit in a healthy meal into the day for those who don’t have time or money to cook healthy meals from scratch. Finches is a healthy takeaway inspired by local people, to support and give back to the community. Being a student myself and not having much time to cook, I wanted to create a restaurant which could not only help myself but others in the same situation. I started off by asking other students questions and my colleagues at work. Based on their feedback, I decided to fo
  • Les Gite Pyrenees  Landor Brief | LCC
    Les Gite Pyrenees Landor Brief | LCCPyrenees is an all year-round tourist hotspot. Perfect for Summer hikes or for Winter skiing, it has something for everyone. I wanted to share the experience, I had to reconnect with my dad going to the gîtes and exploring the mountain of the Pyrenees. Which later on found out through my research that in 1659, France and Spain made an agreement to use the Pyrenees as a place of common ground where they to communicate and negotiate to settles their differences.
  • Panache - Brand opus competition brief
    Panache - Brand opus competition briefTo provide an alternative drink for those who like the social aspects of beer drinking but don’t want to get drunk. Panaché is a drink which you crave just like a normal beer, without the side effects of getting drunk. With a hint of flavour but still the same great taste of beer.
  • Self-initiated project | BBC
    Self-initiated project | BBCThis is a self-initiated project to help people, who come from another country to integrate in the UK by supporting them. Decided to collaborate with the BBC as through my research I come to find that majority of the people watch the BBC help them understand the UK culture. Objective To build their confidence in them to speak English and make them feel apart of the British culture.
  • Arise
    AriseLondon to Boston student exchange program. Vault49 set a brief to advise a new concept to launch in Boston & London. As a team, we decided to build a campaign which helped and support communities in London and Boston against knife and gun violence by building online mental health support.
  • Li-Ning | Collaboration Project
    Li-Ning | Collaboration ProjectStrategy Project Li-Ning is an already well known existing brand in China through badminton. The task for this project was to bring Li-Ning into the Parisian market. We noticed that badminton isn't as popular in France as it is in China, so we decided to brand it through Basketball. The aim was to target teenagers in urban communities, giving them opportunities to get into Basketball professionally by setting up events and promoting Li-ning products.
Projects credited in
  • London College of Communication (LCC), (BA) Graphic Branding & Identity
    London College of Communication (LCC), (BA) Graphic Branding & IdentityWe are GB&I’s class of 2020. We are expressive, curious, analytical and imaginative, not just amazing designers we are the strategists and thinkers of the industry to come. Graphic branding and identity is central to the way in which we communicate and is commercially, socially and culturally fundamental to how society operates. In times of change we need creativity and energy we are here to make, shake, move and shape the future. https://www.arts.ac.uk/subjects/communication-and-graphic-design
Work history
    Premier Group Recruitment LTD logo
    Premier Group Recruitment LTD logo
    Marketing Design InternPremier Group Recruitment LTD
    Liverpool Street Station, London EC2M 7QA, UKPart Time
    Premier Group is a leading specialist agency recruiting across the Digital, IT, Engineering, Finance & HR markets. We operate globally with offices in London, Reading, Manchester, Birmingham and New York. We connect talent to top brands and exciting projects and we’re constantly looking for new ways to innovate.
    Designer & BrandingBrand Relations LTD
    London, United KingdomFull Time
    With 35 years of knowledge and experience in marketing and branding spanning three continents, we can make a real difference to your brand. We offer a bespoke service to perfectly suit your needs and objectives: providing brand development, production and manufacturing as well as B2B multi-channel campaigns and brand management. What makes us different to other agencies is our combination of industry knowledge and extensive contacts with marketing, branding and production expertise – all under one roof.
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  • Strategy
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  • Design Agency
    London College of Communication, UAL logo
    London College of Communication, UAL logo
    Graphic Branding and IdentityLondon College of Communication, UAL
    Elephant and Castle, London, UK
    BA (Hons) Graphic Branding and Identity is designed to produce strategic thinkers and creative communicators. The course equips you with the tools to become a professional practitioner within this expansive industry.