London College of Communication (LCC), (BA) Graphic Branding & Identity

  • Melissa Springall
  • Zoë Bonham
  • Kangwa Saili
  • Hannah Tunley
  • Christy Luk
  • Féli Yaucat
  • Reana Kerai
  • Hannah Woodall
  • Phoebe Man
  • Hannah Mayall
  • Raellen Oceana Bonny
  • Nasser Milongo
We are GB&I’s class of 2020. We are expressive, curious, analytical and imaginative, not just amazing designers we are the strategists and thinkers of the industry to come. Graphic branding and identity is central to the way in which we communicate and is commercially, socially and culturally fundamental to how society operates. In times of change we need creativity and energy we are here to make, shake, move and shape the future.
Hannah Tunley, Flink
Zoe Bonham, The Grand Hotel
Rae Bonny & Kangwa Saili Clits, Tits & Other Bits
Zoe Bonham, The Soap Dispensary
Reana Kerai, Eyes Up Phones Down
Christy Luk, Hong Kong Branding
Hannah Mayall, Roost
Phoebe Man, Radical Interns
Melissa Springall, Arch
Christy Luk, Hotel Honeko
Nasser Milongo, LOTO
Hannah Tunley, Branding South End
Feli Yaucat-Guendi, Finches
Hannah Woodall, Umi App